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Welcome to The Westin Palace, Milan

Elegant and intimate. Feel well in Milan’s stylish heart. #WestinMilan

We want to wish you and your family all the happiness and joy of #Christmas. Happy Christmas to you all! #merrychristmas #happyholidays

Happy holidays from @WestinPalaceMil team!

Happy Holidays form The Westin Palace, Milan team! May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish. #FeelWell

Turn off your devices every night at least 30 mins before bedtime. And when you wake up, don’t start your day by looking at your smartphone. Take one minute to breathe deeply, and set your intention for the day. #WestinWellbeing #SleepWell #WellnessWednesday

To #SleepWell turn off your devices every night 30 min before bedtime #WestinWellbeing #SleepWell #WellnessWednesday

Our holiday menu has arrived! Join us for a special meal created by chef Augusto Tombolato

Una colazione tutta "all'italiana" con l'iniziativa Caffelatte! Vi aspetta un ricco buffet con deliziosi prodotti da forno esclusivamente italiani dalle 7.30 alle 10.30, dal Lunedi al Venerdi presso il nostro elegante The Lounge Bar! #westinpalace #italianbreakfast #caffélatte #goodmorning #eatwell

Vacation just isn't the same without your best friend. At The Westin Palace Milan pets are welcome. Check out our website, our Heavenly® Dog Program extends the Heavenly experience to guests’ favorite travel companions. #SleepWell #FellWell #petswelcome at #WestinMilan

Enjoy your holidays! #westinpalace #christmas #newyear

#SleepWell tips from our Partner "Power Naps" A short nap can give you as much energy as two cups of strong coffee, but the effects are longer lasting. Twenty minutes is sufficient to turn off the nervous system and recharge the whole body – 30 minutes, however, is long enough to put you in a deep sleep and leave you feeling groggy when you wake. #WestinWellbeing #WestinMilan

Natale al Westin Palace? Vi aspettiamo con deliziosi menù! #westinpalace #christmas

Ciao Milano #westinpalacemilan

It’s easy to find ourselves staying up late with work, email, and other activities. Sometimes we may even aim to get to bed earlier, but we realize we have to catch up on so many things that before we know it, it’s past the time we had hoped to sleep that evening. Try to reduce how often late night projects or errands happen. #SleepWell #WestinWellbeing Tip by Julia Hu

Dairy products have tryptophan a natural aid to #SleepWeell. Try a cup of warm milk before bedtime. #WestinWellbeing

It turns out Mom was right about warm milk before bed. Dairy products contain tryptophan, a natural sleep enhancer. To #SleepWell try a cup of warm milk before bed or when traveling try Westin’s Seasonal Fruits and Berries with Greek Yogurt and Nuts. #WestinWellbeing #WellnessWednesday

Hello Milan (@ The Westin Palace Milan - @westinpalacemil in Milano, MI)

I'm at The Westin Palace Milan - @westinpalacemil in Milano, MI

Getting ready for the Westin Palace Christmas Party! #westinpalace #christmas #party

Yummy! Here it's Christmas time! #westinpalace #party #christmas

Xmas Tree at The Westin Palace, Milan

Welcome back Christmas!!! The Westin Palace, Milan

Getting ready for the Westin Palace Christmas Party! #westinpalace #fun #christmasparty

Something is sparkling here at Westin! Christmas is coming! #westinpalace #christmaslights #forabetteryou

#SleepWell tips from our partner @SuperfoodsRx Savor a Cup of Relaxation. A cup of warm herbal tea before bed can prepare the mind and body for sleep, and if it becomes a regular evening ritual it may reduce your blood pressure. No wonder tea is the world’s most popular SuperFood.

RT@Lu82: Seconda tappa! (@ The Westin Palace Milan - @westinpalacemil in Milano,MI)

Seconda tappa! (@ The Westin Palace Milan - @westinpalacemil in Milano, MI)

#SleepWell tips from Council Member, Julia Hu. Our daily rhythms respond most strongly to light. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, 15 minutes of morning sunlight can help your body clock wake up at the same time everyday. #WestinMilan